MMA in Austin

MMA in Austin, Texas

Mixed martial arts is the ultimate form of hand-to-hand combat. Borrowing indiscriminately from ancient fighting styles and modern sport science, MMA is a blend of whatever works forming a superior form of combat. A true MMA fighter is capable of attacking and defending from any position, in any situation. Mixed martial arts covers standup striking, ground grappling and clinch wrestling. Whether training for competition in the ring or cage, or just finding a new, fun way to get in shape and stay that way, find a reputable and affordable gym in the Austin, Texas area to get started in reaching your goals.

Brazilian Jujitsu in Austin, Texas

For many people, jujitsu was put on the map by the famed Gracie family. In the early 1990's, Royce Gracie fought for the UFC championship and was successful in capturing the belt due primarily to his mastery of Brazilian jujitsu. Jujitsu is mainly a ground fighting discipline that relies on smart body positioning and leverage to gain the upper hand in a fight. Gracie jujitsu employs joint locks to the legs and arms to submit an opponent, in addition to chokes to the neck. Look for a gym that teaches Brazilian jujitsu in Austin, Texas with spacious and well-sanitized floor mats. Good gyms will also have qualified black or brown belt instructors that can give certified rankings to students.

Muay Thai Kickboxing in Austin, Texas

Learning how to fight on your feet is an essential component of MMA. In recent years, one style of striking has risen above all others to become the preferred method of dishing out pain standing up. Muay Thai kickboxing is an ancient martial art that uses power and speed to break down and ultimately destroy an opponent. Muay Thai uses everything from feet, shins, fists, knees and elbows to deliver brutal knockout blows to an opponent. Find a training center in Austin for kickboxing. A decent gym will have a ring for sparring, and a numerous variety of heavy bags, speed bags and other training devices. For MMA fighters, it is important to find a place that teaches clinch fighting and fighting against the cage or ropes. It is also imperative to train at a location where there is a selection of experienced sparring partners to fighting against, as this is the only way to truly master the art.

Greco-roman wrestling in Austin and other Martial Arts

MMA relies on the techniques and styles of other sports and martial arts to form the ultimate in fighting styles. Greco-roman wrestling has proven to be an invaluable element for many mixed martial artists. Wrestling takedowns and tackles are frequently used in professional and amateur MMA competitions, and it is recommended that every MMA practitioner is proficient at such techniques. Judo is another sport that is often seen in competition. Judo uses hip throws and leg trips to catch an opponent off guard and send them reeling to the floor. Striking styles such as karate, kung fu and tae kwon do can add a layer of sophistication and unpredictability to a fighter's toolbox, allowing them to surprise an opponent with unorthodox attacks. Find other centers for martial arts training in the Austin area today.

MMA Gloves, Clothing and Workout Gear

Find shops to buy MMA clothing and gear in Austin, Texas. Search for top brands and sponsors like Warrior Wear, Sinister, Venom MMA, Sprawl and Hayabusa. Buy quality MMA gloves that are competition spec. Find MMA shorts for fighting, sparring and jujitsu rolling. Get all your MMA gear from online shops or stores near Austin, Texas.